Are your clients getting the service you promised?


Practice Management that drives Client Retention

You signed them up. Now make sure your team is giving them the service you promised!

You don't just need practice management software, you need a Client Retention Engine!

Helping you keep your best clients

Build a differentiated and effective service that your clients can't do without

Never miss a deadline

The ground floor of service promises. Fail at this and nothing else will matter. ONKHO gives you the tools you need to automate planning, tracking and monitoring all your work including things your clients need to do.


Never miss a request

When a client calls and asks for something, that's what is important to them. ONKHO lets you track and turn around these requests in one pipeline of work so you can prioritise to be responsive.


Always reply on time

Clients get frustrated and feel unimportant when they're waiting on your reply. ONKHO adds workflow tools to your inbox while cutting the volume of email at the same time.


Be Pro-active

Get ahead not on top of your clients' needs. The most advanced report writer and dashboard builder available to help you get the insights you need to create the type of service your client will never want to give up.

Command and control for your practice

Do you feel like you're "fire fighting" all the time? Do you worry that things won't get done when you're away?

Wave the stress goodbye as ONKHO get's you a real-time view of everything that's happening at any time and from any place.

Customer Stories

Connect your favourite apps

Do you have to go to different apps to get a complete picture of what's happening in your practice?

Simplify and automate by connecting ONKHO to ANY of the over 2,500 apps using the world' number one integration platform ZAPIER.

Stay ahead

Keep up to date with innovation, news, views and guidance from experts.