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Office 365 Mailboxes are Changing


The way you connect your Office 365 mailbox to ONKHO is changing. This is a simple and non-technical explanation of what is changing, why and what you need to do.

You can find video instructions on what you need to do here.

There have always been lots of different ways of connecting to mailboxes from other applications. However, some are more secure than others and major email providers like Microsoft are looking to reduce their risks by insisting on their most secure method. In the case of Microsoft, they want access to be via their own connection method (called modern authentication, if you’re interested).

At ONKHO we’ve always supported different methods because we think its up to our customers and their IT support teams to choose what works best for them. But now, when it comes to Office 365 mailboxes we have to conform with Microsoft’s preference otherwise there won’t be access at all!

So, what does this mean for you?

By 1st October, you must disconnect your Office 365 mailbox(es) from ONKHO and then re-connect them. You won’t lose any emails and it won’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes. 

If you don’t do this by 1st October and are still using a method of connection that is unsupported by Microsoft, ONKHO won’t be able to scan your mailbox anymore. Note that we will be able to access the mailbox but not scan for new email which means there won’t be any error messages either!

We suggest you create a task in ONKHO for this to make sure you do it on time…

…or you could just take the time and do it now! You can find video instructions on what you need to do here.

If you need help, you know the drill. Just reach out to us on chat.

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