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100 Days at ONKHO : Insights into Conversations


Accountants are already managing workflow and service targets using Insights – custom reports with super-powers that can focus on clients, jobs, steps, services and the team. But lately they’ve been moving into quality controls e.g. rework. That left us scratching our head when it came to extending quality control into Inbox – a communication hub for email, SMS, notes and notifications…

…just another 100 days of innovation at ONKHO 🙂


Accountants already track inbound and outbound email and SMS through Inbox. The demand for quality control on communication meant we had to extend Insights to look at Conversations (similar to email threads) and Conversation Items e.g. email, SMS. 

It took a while and by far, it’s the most complex technical challenge we have faced. But then what’s more gratifying than being challenged by your customers? And now it’s done!

Best of all like all Insights, they can be tracked using dashboard widgets. So now the payroll team can see exactly how many conversations related to payroll need their attention. As they deal with them and archive them, the number goes down!

Inbox Zero is now democratised across the team!


The demand for quality control didn’t just extend into Conversations but also into Conversation Items. So a typical example is checking the quality of outgoing email from a new team member. Just how would an accountant do that?

With Insights accountants can now run a report like “show me all the outbound emails that Jack sent in the last 4 weeks”. They can access it quickly from the Dashboard and get to the detail they’re interested in and – assuming all is well – kick the probationary period into touch 🙂

Of course, Insights can always help with other pesky questions related to communication like ” “what emails have we received from HMRC in the last 3 months” or perhaps “what emails were sent to HMRC by Jill in the last 2 weeks”. 

Finding specific emails is no longer like searching for a needle in multiple haystacks!


Communication has always been the outlier in proactive management of client service for accountants. It’s why we built Inbox in the first place. Conversations (grouping together emails and SMS into contextual topics) pushed the boat on this first.

By extending Insights to now include Conversations and Conversation Items, we’re pushing the boat again – this time we’re taking quality control where it’s never been before.

We love breaking new ground here!

Just one more step in our “unified client view” theme, making sure that accountants are assured that their clients are getting the service they were promised, are willing to pay for, and stay for.

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