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100 Days at ONKHO : Rocket fuelled conversations


Here’s a look back at recent developments at ONKHO. We’re always innovating and pushing the boundaries for our customers but the last 100 days have been about conversations: conversations with and about clients, jobs, services and how to tame email so that communication comes into workflow.


We launched Inbox in July and the feedback from customers has been excellent. A few choice positive expletives that simply can’t be repeated here!

So, what does Inbox actually do?

Inbox organises your communication including email into conversations that are automatically filed with your client records, shared with your team and can have workflow assigned to them.

It means that finally, email can be tamed. Your team will save time and your clients will see an uptick in the quality of your service….they’ll also never be greeted by an “out of office” message again!

No innovation comes without a deluge of improvement requests, so here’s what we’ve added since the launch:

  • Keeping in sync with your mobile or desktop email app. Now customers can reply to an email from their mobile and it still gets picked up, filed and shared 🙂 No need to change anything at all!
  • Customisation options for the Inbox view. True to our principle “everything should be customisable and/or optional” we added new views, filters and searches.


Customers are really pushing the boundaries of our insights and widgets. The questions they’re asking of their ONKHO data are getting more targeted and consequently complicated. We’ve seen some stresses and strains so put in some improvements over just a week that increased the performance of common queries by a factor of 25!


We update ONKHO on average once a fortnight with small tweaks and improvements to new features and innovation. We can achieve this level of pace of change because of how we built our platform. We didn’t start with what is needed today, we started with what is needed tomorrow and continue to work towards it.

More to come. Watch this space 🙂


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