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100 Days at ONKHO : Sync AND Plan


We’re big believers in forward planning. But its hard to do that AND stay in sync with Companies House. That’s why many practice management solutions only show what Companies House is currently expecting. Our customers wanted both and we agreed, so we set about solving this conundrum…

…just another 100 days of innovation at ONKHO 🙂


We give accountants a forward view of up to 18 months on Annual Accounts and Confirmation Statements. The technical challenge was how to keep “re-syncing” to Companies House while maintaining this forward view. We’ve now rolled out a very clever re-planning algorithm which always makes sure that there is always at least one job that reflects Companies House.

This means our accountants can:

  • Keep deadlines in sync with Companies House – we check every company every 48 hours so changes like extensions to deadlines, extending or shortening accounting periods etc come through automatically.
  • Continue setting service targets – getting accounts out within 3 months of year end is the most common target for our accountants and they can keep doing this, increasing their value to their clients all the time.
  • Use periods as well as deadlines in Insights – for those looking to continue working with periods, we now support that for Annual Accounts and Confirmation Statements. So, Insights like “show me all the year ends coming up in the next quarter” are now possible.


Our accountants” businesses are growing and are setting the pace and agenda of innovation now. 

  • Insights run 10x faster – demands on Insights, our class-beating reporting engine increased so we ramped up performance by a factor of 10. Having a great technical architecture coupled with forward vision meant this wasn’t a big deal for us….and we have even more things we can do as demand increases.
  • Outsourcing is on the increase – as accountants off load low value work, we’ve added more controls for management of outsourced staff, including who can contact clients and who can’t. Our per-client rather than per-user licencing model also supports this trend. We were right not to change, despite the pressure!
  • Growth through acquisition – we supported the largest acquisition we’ve seen so far, helping one off our accountants integrate a practice that took their total number of clients being managed on the platform to 1,800!
  • Integrated conversations – conversations can now be shared across clients so getting a true 360 degree view is even easier and slicker. Yet another step in our journey towards a “unified client view“.

2020 was good. 2021 is going to be even better. “Unified client view” continues to be our theme, making sure that our accountants are assured that their clients are getting the service they were promised, are willing to pay for, and stay for.

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