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100 Days at ONKHO : Super-charged Integrations


Nowadays there’s too many broken promises. Here at ONKHO we’re really careful about that. That’s why we’re able to keep the ones we make. This time on integrations.

When it comes to practice management, there are 3 key integrations that have real value and we’ve delivered all of them leveraging the Zapier platform: contacts, proposals and time tracking.

So just another 100 days of innovation at ONKHO 🙂


We chose Zapier not just because it puts us into one of the world’s largest ecosystems (over 2,500 apps), it also offers our customers the widest choice of apps to pick from. Let’s take a look at each of the key integration types:

  • Contacts – you can now sync contacts with any app regardless of what that app does for you 🙂 From your mobile phone contacts to your favourite marketing automation platform and even including your favourite cloud accounting app like Xero or QuickBooks or even Zoho Books.
  • Proposals – you can now sync proposals with Practice Ignition amongst many other quotation and proposal platforms. We particularly like the way the Practice Ignition logo appears in the platform 🙂 We’re not shy – we’re happy to show off the cool apps that integrate with us!
  • Time recording – you can now send time records directly into the platform and tie them straight into the specific job they relate too. This space is so crowded so there’s plenty to choose from!


Well we said we would unveil a super-charged integration and this is the first of many to come. This integration is also through Zapier but it’s so exciting, we’re going to have to write about it separately!

You can now send a message directly into the ONKHO Inbox from ANY APP and even include a URL (maybe a link to a document, a download or a website page)

Why is this useful? Well….now you can get all the key events across your entire app stack in one place and where they include a link, you can go straight to the relevant app.

It’s part of our vision for really empowering the platform to be where it should be – at the very heart of every accountant and bookkeeper’s app stack.


We have some COVID related innovations we’re working on to help our customers better serve their clients. But after that, we’re going to get back to adding more integrations. We have a couple of exciting partnerships in the pipeline that where we can build direct integrations with even greater interaction.

We’re really excited because our major theme for 2020 is “unified client view” – more of this to come…

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