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Creating brain space at Weir Associates


Iain Weir owns and runs Weir Associates, a busy accountancy practice just south of Cambridge. Iain’s core purpose is to make business owners’ lives better through a mixture of accountancy and tax advice, as well as business coaching. .

Iain tried Karbon before embracing Onkho. Today, he get’s more time to think and even switches off after leaving the office because he has peace of mind that nothing is being missed.

What were you struggling with?

The problems and challenges I was facing was just trying to make sure that I was capturing everything to do with clients and making sure that all the deadlines were being hit and that nothing was being missed.

When I started the practice, I had everything in an Excel spreadsheet. Being an accountant, I was comfortable with Excel but there was always that fear in the back of my mind that something might happen to the spreadsheet. So, I was still retaining lots of information in my head, as well as in the spreadsheet.

How do you use ONKHO?

I drive the business through Insights and Inbox.

I’ve used Insights to create views of specific services and the team just use them to get quickly to what they need to focus on. If a team member is just doing the bookkeeping, they use the bookkeeping Insight to see what’s coming up and then click into a job right from there. I do the same for VAT Returns and other services.

Inbox means that I can organise client communications directly against jobs. So, if ever I’m searching for something to do with a particular job, it’s far easier to go to the job and click into the entire trail of what’s been communicated to the client, than trying to do something similar in Microsoft Outlook which I’ve tried in the past.

Insights have also helped me look at my client base and see what services everyone is taking but more importantly, what services aren’t. This allows me to target clients to make sure they’re aware of all the services we provide.

How has ONKHO helped you?

Now that I have all my client work completely scheduled, all that stuff has come out of my head, so I get more brain space! It means I can forget about work during the evening because everything is under control and will be there when I go back the next day. Nothing can get corrupted or lost or forgotten.

Being in the cloud as well, we can all work remotely and seamlessly together. We’re all looking at one system, the one source of truth. Even communication is included and not hidden away across 4 or 5 different Inboxes. It’s all there against the client records so easy to find.

For myself as the business owner, I get a great overview of the whole business.

Why should accountants get ONKHO?

The key thing with ONKHO is that all the work and communication is in one place, one system and on one schedule. It will give you peace of mind, and lets you drill down into clients, jobs, and communication. It means you will know that your clients are getting the service level that you want for them.

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