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Multi-tasking accountants go to infinity and beyond


There are many myths about accountants, here’s one we’re busting with our latest feature release:

All accountants run their businesses in the same way. They don’t.

After breaking out of ONKHO founder Susan Rahman‘s accounting practice, it became clear that she was “a sample size of one”. Here’s what we learned after talking to other accountants:

  • No two accountants run their businesses in the same way
  • No two accountants organise their team(s) in the same way
  • There is no common nee standard way of doing the same work
  • Accountants don’t do one thing at a time – they multi-task

There’s one other #myth that’s relevant to this story which also needs to be busted:

Software companies know how to run an accountancy business. They don’t.

That’s why we’ve taken a different approach. We give accountants the tools they need to deliver an exceptional client experience. It’s up to accountants to decide how to use them and effectively design their own practice management solution to reflect their own processes and way of working.

Yes, really.

Let’s take the example of VAT Return jobs that are overdue. Accountants using ONKHO can already:

  • Build and save an Insight that shows all the VAT Return jobs that are overdue – that’s a custom screen
  • Slap a widget onto a dashboard that shows the number of VAT Return jobs that are overdue – that’s a custom KPI to track (naturally, it should be always be zero!)
  • Click on the custom KPI to launch the saved Insight results – that’s a custom menu

But this week, we added super powers to our Insights capability! Now accountants can:

  • Edit multiple fields across one or more rows of data in one single action e.g. take these 4 jobs, set a planned completion date, assign them to Mary and mark them as Started
  • Take an action on one or more rows of data in one single action e.g. send an email to these 6 clients using a custom “Do you need tax advice?” email template

Coupled with intelligent shortcuts, accountants can change job statuses, send an email, make a note, get a client’s telephone number, create a task for another client etc. etc. – all from the same Insight and without ever leaving it!

It’s infinite screens designed by accountants with built-in multi-tasking.

Every #accountant is unique. Now their practice management solution can be unique as well.

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