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Getting in control at Pavilion Accountancy


Nick Kay started Pavilion Accountancy in 2012 with the ambition of delivering sound financial management as a service to business owners. Today, Pavilion Accountancy delivers a wide range of “compliance plus” services including coaching, finance automation and proactive tax management.

Nick tried Infusionsoft, Asana, Accountancy Manager, Senta and Karbon before embracing Onkho. Today, it’s the only tool he uses to run his business.

What were you struggling with?

When I started, my biggest problem was just making sure that things were getting done on time and having oversight of everything I was providing to clients.

I also wanted something where conversations and communications with clients were feeding in so that I could have conversations from within the platform. That’s because I found that using a job system and email, if you wanted to find a conversation about a set of annual accounts there’d be multiple threads and multiple conversations. It became very difficult trying to tie up one thing with the other and make sure that nothing was missed.

How do you use ONKHO?

It’s the only tool I have open for running my business!

All my email from clients come into it and all my emails to clients go out of it.

I have a dashboard where every service I provide is shown so I have a view on what’s due depending on timescale. If it’s a weekly service, I can see what’s due this week. If it’s monthly, I can see what’s due this month. If it’s quarterly I can see what’s due this quarter etc. I can log in and with a 30 second scan of my dashboard, I can see exactly where my focus and the focus of my team member needs to be for that week.

I’ve set up reminders so requests for information go out automatically. If I need to update a group of clients that receive a particular service, I can quickly dive into the dashboard, click through and I’ve got a list of those clients and I can send an email to all of them at the same time. It’s allowed me to automate, systemise and speed up any sort of communication that needs to happen.

How has ONKHO helped you?

I’ve been able to get things organised in a way which freed up a lot of my time. That’s mainly to do with the ability to communicate quickly. I have all my ducks in a row, so I know exactly what’s going on and where to focus. I know what’s going out, what I’m expecting back and which clients I need to follow up with.

It’s allowed me to bring a remote team member into the business which I wouldn’t have been able to do purely because I wouldn’t have been comfortable or confident in terms of how I was going to manage them.

I’ve got all the conversations we’ve had in the same place so we can both see exactly what’s been said to a client and when, and how the conversations are developing.

Looking to the future, I’m going to put in some workflows around client retention and maybe start using it as a marketing platform when leads come in. I’m also going to use it for upselling to existing clients as it has “the service matrix” – a grid of clients and services so you can easily see which client aren’t using certain services. And of course, from there I can send emails to them. That’s quite exciting really because that’s something that could become labour-intensive, and I can get that working quite quickly.

Why should accountants get ONKHO?

The way it works and the way its priced, you’ve literally got something you can just use out of the box!

It grows as your practice grows. You could start off with one service, one client and all your communication in there and that’s fine. Add another client and offer them a different service. The cost scales with you. It’s nice in the way that you can almost build it as you’re going and there’s no need to get everything perfect.

For me, the biggest value is the Inbox and after that, it’s just the flexibility. I haven’t come up against anything yet that couldn’t be done, which has been fantastic.

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