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Guaranteeing promises to clients at Warren Day


Denis Day owns and runs Warren Day, a substantial practice with offices across south London, Surrey, and Sussex. On top of a period of aggressive organic growth, Denis recently doubled the size of his practice through an acquisition that he integrated into Onkho.

Denis was using Accountancy Manager but it just didn;t give him the data he needed to grow safely. He tried Senta and Karbon before embracing Onkho. Today, he’s finally able to kick back on the sofa with a glass of wine at the end of the office, knowing that his promises to clients are being kept.

What were you struggling with?

We already had a practice management system and been using it for about three years. But we were finding it harder to get the information out of it. I needed to know where we were on jobs, clients, what was overdue, what was coming up and getting nice reports to ensure we didn’t miss deadlines on things like confirmation statements etc.

I also wanted to start integrating processes across different software packages, to cut down errors and omissions, and making sure we had one common set of data.

How do you use ONKHO?

The key thing Onkho has is the customisable dashboard. On that dashboard, you can build whatever report that you want from the information that is in Onkho, whether it’s on jobs, clients, etc. and we can just see that information.

All my team members have a to do list, so I know exactly who’s working on what and when. We have overall statistics, especially in like the run up to January tax returns – I knew for each team member exactly how many tax returns were remaining to be done at the start and end of every day, and where they were. It was quite liberating seeing that number come down nicely every single day to the point we got down to almost zero by the 31st of January.

The real win is that everybody is now using it! There isn’t a team member who isn’t in it every single day. We have the experienced user now who does absolutely everything – emails, everything through the Inbox – to the users that just use it to monitor their workflow. But everybody’s using it. There is no antipathy towards it that I’ve heard in the business.

So, the next step really, is to take it to the next level, building the automation, building more complex reports, maybe better monitoring on the time it’s taking to do jobs.

How has ONKHO helped you?

Just really, really being able to make promises to clients. So have guaranteed service standards of four weeks to turn work around, and know we are actively and easily monitoring it, and the managers know where the risks are on that journey – that just wasn’t possible before.

For me personally, the real outcome is I can sit at the end of the day on my sofa with a glass of wine, go into Onkho and just see where I am that day and not get too stressed when jobs are overdue, because you know that everyone knows where those jobs are overdue and why or where they are in their journey to completion.

I think for me, that’s made my life a lot easier and I’m just so much happier that we went down the Onkho route rather than something else. It just tells me where I am.

Why should accountants get ONKHO?

Onkho is incredibly configurable. If the information is in there, you can get it out. It’s reasonably priced and the support from the technical team is absolutely first class through the web chat or emails. We don’t wait very long for answers.

It is just a really good piece of software and we’re starting to link it into our workflows. We’re using Zapier to link in the onboarding process through to KYC checks and all that’s going to be in Onkho. So, we know exactly where we are in our compliance journey.

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